5 Myths You Won’t Believe About Family Healthcare

Family medicine doctors play a significant part in your entire family’s health. Common myths associated with family medicine have led to misunderstandings of the integral role that doctors have in preventing, diagnosing, and treating life’s inevitable illnesses.

In today’s post, we present 5 MYTHS you won’t believe about family healthcare doctors:

1. They just treat colds.

In addition to routine checkups and immunizations, your family medicine doctor can provide a variety of services for your physical, emotional, and mental health, including screenings, health risk assessments, pregnancy planning, family development education, and family counseling.

2. They are only to be used on an as-needed basis.

Making routine doctor visits should also be a part of your family’s wellness plan. Getting an annual physical exam is not only important for your children’s health, but it is also a key element to living a healthy adult life and catching any signs of illness early.

3. They don’t specialize.

Primary care providers deliver a wide range of acute, chronic, and preventive medical services in children and adults of all ages. Many family medicine doctors are identified as “experts” in certain fields of medicine.

4. They are just a barrier to real care system.

Many patients view family medicine doctors as an unnecessary gateway to receiving the care they actually need. In reality, the majority of your health care can be provided by a family medicine doctor at a much cheaper cost.

5. They don’t save lives.

Family medicine doctors save hundreds of lives each day through early diagnosis and treatment of many life-threatening illnesses and conditions.

Family medicine doctors know you and your family best because they are here for you throughout each stage of life. 

Do you also believe in one of these myths before? What about now? Give me a comment below.

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