5 Facts You Won’t Believe About Family Healthcare

Advances in medicine have allowed us to live longer and better lives. The scientific community is constantly learning new things and some of the facts are absolutely extraordinary, it will be hard for you to believe it.

Today, we present 5 FACTS you won’t believe about family healthcare.

  1. Heart and music. Music tempo and volume have a direct impact on heart rate. This means that fast music played at high volume will increase your heartbeat, and the opposite is also true.
  2. Gas. If you don’t fart, some gas may re-enter your bloodstream and it will be released through your breath.
  3. Green tea helps improve working memory. A study found that people who drank green tea extract had a better working memory than those who didn’t, so maybe it’s time to start taking tea time more seriously. 
  4. Bananas can help relieve belly bloat. While sometimes bloating can be attributed to gas, it can also sometimes be caused by eating too much sodium. To help this, the potassium in bananas goes to work to counteract the excess sodium’s effects. 
  5. Oatmeal is a mood booster. If you want to get a great start to your day in the morning, try having a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal boosts your serotonin levels, which gives your brain that “feel-good” feeling.

I hope you utilize these surprising health facts and get a head start on having better health.

What can you say about this topic? Do you know of other extraordinary health facts that are hard to believe? Give me a comment below.

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